Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer's Here

Finally the year has ended and another summer is upon us.

What other profession does one work with colleagues day in and day out... and then everyone goes their separate way? "I'll keep in touch" "Have a great summer!" "Call me next week after a few days have passed" are heard in the hallways as teachers frenetically pack their belongings and prepare to have their rooms checked so they might leave school for the last time... for a few months.

I understand. Non-teachers are envious and even a bit hostile as they complain that teachers have their summers off. Thinking back... I was envious too before my first summer off.

My rebuttal? I have none. I love summers spent with my children. If you've got issues with that... well then you've just got issues. I've learned that time is invaluable. We in the US culture haven't caught on to that one as a nation. I remember my German uncle sharing with me when I was a kid that he and his wife had run out of places to vacation. I know that Germans generally START their careers with six weeks of vacation not counting national holidays. I've seen the local bakery (in a small German town) post their vacation schedule on their front door so customers could expect their favorite store closed for two weeks in August -- haven't seen that one here in the states.

Are there consequences? I bet that bosses everywhere have a few thoughts.

For now, if you need me, I'll be the one at the pool watching my kids' swim lessons, at the grocery store, getting the car inspected, and taking kids for the check-ups. I suppose I'm getting back all that time I spent eating lunch in 10 minutes and not being available every workday for 6 1/2 hours. My turn.

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Mr. Hughes said...

YEA! Your "yearly" post! I love your take on summer. I agree. I have had that stated to me many times. I usually say, "Well, I do attend many workshops THAT I PAY TO ATTEND, work in my classroom, and teach summer school- all of which I receive no compensation!" So, if that is 'Summers Off' than, okay." I love your take that summer is simply the "make-up" time we had to miss with our families during the school year! It was really nice to hear from you. I know you will be busy- have a great summer! P.S. You never did mention how your deck project went! Maybe we should just e-mail- lol- I may actually get to hear from your more than once a year! Later my friend...