Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pounds gained, back to suffering

A new year began many months ago. After my last post regarding Ride for Jim (in late August), my cycling friends and I again participated in Ride Between The Waters on Virginia's Eastern Shore (pictures soon). I managed a mere 60 some miles due to a very unfortunate bout with a mean little blood clot in the calf -- and here I thought bicycling would improve my health. Again, another story.
Time and miles have passed since. We've had a warmer-than-average Winter and I wish I had taken to the cold, dark mornings more. I admit it. I admit it here and now, in writing. Cold is uncomfortable. Cold in the dark is quite defeating. So yes, a few pounds gained has been felt on my occasional rides on weekends or the rare ride on the weekend.
On to the good news. It's true... just like they said. Miles in the legs aren't entirely forgotten. Even as I've failed to continue my riding up to five days a week, occasional trips these last few weeks have seen the odometer fall in its average reading, but not as much as I expected. When my cyclometer reads 20, I am happy. Not because I require speed at all costs, but it's good to realize that a not-so-young guy-with-thinning-hair can indeed improve.
So here's to more good memories with friends, and happy health to you and yours. Let's call it a late New Year's wish.

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Mr. Hughes said...

Greetings My Friend!
I had to do a double take to make sure you really HAD posted! How nice to hear about your winter months. I understand about the pounds. Phew... My wife and I got bicycles for Christmas (nothing super fancy) and we have a bike trailer. Now we go for weekend rides as a family. I quite enjoy it.
I hope that your new year is also filled with joy and happiness!